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Papapapaya 1.6

Download v1.6 (no longer supported)
Mac OS 10.6.+

The innovative Vocabulary Trainer

Papapapaya is the new, fun and effective way to learn vocabulary.
Just like your brain, Papapapaya organizes your words in different memory levels instead of files and folders. This makes it easy to see which words you already know well and what you need to rehearse again.
Also the intelligent Quiz will automatically ask you the right words at the right time.
To motivate you, Papapapaya keeps track of your progress in the detailed statistics.
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All Languages

Papapapaya lets you manage multiple languages, has support for all scripts and can switch your keyboard layout automatically.
Papapapaya Included Vocabulary Screenshot

Vocabulary included

Papapapaya comes with basic vocabularies for German, French and English, each organized in topics.

Papapapaya Screenshot Quiz

Quiz yourself

The intelligent Quiz will always ask you the words that are best to be rehearsed at the very moment.
Papapapaya Screenshot statistics


Papapapaya features detailed statistics so you can get an overview of your progress and stay motivated.

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Automatically sync your vocabularies between the Mac and the iPhone version using the free Dropbox service.
Papapapaya Import Export Screenshot

Import & Export

Easily exchange your words with your class mates and friends or expand your vocabulary with wordlists from the internet.

Release Notes

New Features in Papapapaya 1.6:
Rlease date: Feb 27, 2012

Green License

All our Software-Licenses include a Green-License which means that if you want to use the Software you have to take action against Climate Change or Pollution.
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