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Doorman 2.2

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Mac OS 10.6.+

Password Generator

Doorman is a password generator that generates safe random passwords. To make passwords easier memorable, you can choose the "speakable passwords" option to get passwords that follow the syllable construction pattern of natural language.


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Random Passwords

For your random passwords you can precisely define the length and the characters that should be used.

Speakable Password

Doorman can generate random passwords that resemble natural words. This lets you create safe passwords that are still easy to remember.

Favorites Doorman


While looking for the optimal password, you can keep the best candidates in the favorites list.
Of course your favorites are not saved to disk and cannot be retrieved by third parties.

Password Safety

To be sure, that your password is safe enough, Doorman has a scale, where the safety of your password is shown.

Safety Doorman


Doorman runs in the Mac OS Sandbox (Lion only) and is digitally signed. So Doorman is secured against manipulations by hackers or malware.

Release Notes

New Features in Doorman 2.2:
Release date: Jun 24, 2012

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