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How to reset an App’s Preferences
  • Written by Mr. Fridge Himself
  • May 7th, 2014
  • About Mac Tipps

How to reset an App’s Preferences

Sometimes you may want to reset all settings of an app. This is often helpful when an app behaves strangely or crashes on start.

You can delete an apps settings using the command line. On OS X you access the command line using the Terminal app. Terminal is preinstalled on every Mac and can be found in /Applications/Utilities/ or using Spotlight:

In Terminal enter the following command:

defaults delete <application ID>

The application ID is in the form For example to delete the settings of Wokabulary enter:

defaults delete com.mrFridge.Wokabulary

to delete the Tincta settings enter:

defaults delete com.mrFridge.Tincta

Remember that his command will reset all your settings and you will need to re-adjust the applications settings.

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