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Tincta is no longer offered.
We now solely focus on our great vocabulary trainer Wokabulary.

Tincta has everything you expect from a text editor

Tincta text editor Main Window

Speed & Simplicity

Tincta is designed to be fast, lean and intuitive to use.

Syntax Coloring

Tincta comes with syntax coloring for over 65 languages.
Of course, you can freely change the color scheme according to your taste.

Line Numbering

Tincta manages line wrapping with ease and calculates every line correctly even for large files.

Text editing essentials - Tincta has them

Tincta of course has everything that makes working with texts easier:

  • live search and replace with highlighting
  • automatic file updating
  • full drag & drop
  • diplay invisible characters
  • column guide
  • printing
  • spelling correction
  • easily convert line endings and tabs

Tincta syntax coloring
Tincta color schemes

Tincta settings
Tincta search

Green License

All our Software-Licenses include a Green-License. That means to use the App you are strongly encouraged to take action against climate change or pollution.
You can fulfill the license even with small actions of your choice. For example you could replace a light bulb with an LED, go to work by bike or by turn of your screen saver and let your Mac directly go to sleep.

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