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Tincta 2

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Mac OS 10.8.+

Tincta 1.3.1 for Mac OS 10.6.8 (no further support)
Tincta Pro 1.0.1 for Mac OS 10.6.8 (no further support)

Tincta Pro 2

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Mac OS 10.7.+
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Fast and easy text editing

Tincta brings all the basic text editor capabilities for common tasks:
  • intuitive one-window design
  • syntax coloring for 60+ languages
  • reliable line numbering
  • efficient live-search

Tincta Pro is based on the same core as Tincta but adds professional features that make daily work easier:
  • split views
  • powerful regex search
  • snippet manager with zen coding
  • integrated file browser

Core Features in Tincta and Tincta Pro

Speed & Simplicity

Tincta is designed to be fast in every aspect. Not only is Tincta optimized to perform all task at high speed. But even more important: we keep Tincta as clean and intuitive to use as possible, so you won't get distracted and can keep up your working speed.

Tincta Editor Main Window

Syntax Coloring

Tincta combines the most intelligent coloring algorithms with the least resource use and comes with syntax definitions for over 65 languages.

And, of course, you can freely change the color profile according to your taste.

Line Numbering

Tincta's line numbering engine not only is blazingly fast but also manages line wrapping with ease and calculates every line correctly even for large files.

Text editing essentials - Tincta has them

Tincta of course has everything that makes working with texts easier:
  • live search and replace with highlighting
  • automatic file updating
  • full drag & drop
  • show invisible characters
  • column guide
  • printing
  • spelling correction
  • easily convert line endings and tabs
Editor Essentials Tincta Editor Essentials Tincta
Editor Essentials Tincta Editor Essentials Tincta

Exclusive features in Tincta Pro

Tincta Pro Split Views

Split Views

Tincta Pro's split view feature shows you two documents side by side.
You can even drag text from one to the other and see search results in both files simultaneously.

Tincta Pro Search

RegEx Search

Use the full power of Regular Expressions to search your files.
For repetitive tasks you can even search and replace across all open files.
Tincta Pro Snippets

Snippet Management

Organize your snippets in groups and quickly access them with shortcuts. You don't even need to take your hands off the keyboard.
Tincta Pro Zen Coding

Zen Coding

The built-in Zen Coding engine lets you insert HTML code in no time.
New to Zen? Tincta Pro also includes an interactive tutorial.

Tincta Pro Scripts

Execute Scripts

Tincta Pro fully supports any Unix scripts like Python, Shell or Perl.
So you can directly execute your code within Tincta Pro or have scripts do all the repetetive tasks for you.
Tincta Pro File Browser

File Browser

The integrated file browser lets you conveniently browse and open your project files without leaving Tincta Pro.

Release Notes

New Features in Tincta 2.3:
Release date: July 1, 2014
  • enabled full screen mode
New Features in Tincta Pro 2.3:
Release date: July 9, 2014
  • enabled full screen mode

Green License

All our Software-Licenses include a Green-License which means that if you want to use the Software you have to take action against Climate Change or Pollution.
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